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Thinking of getting some tree work done but don’t know where to start? Answer’s easy – ask a qualified arborist.
Big O’s Tree Services has the correct Australian certification and years of experience to perform arborist related tasks.
All you need to do is contact us with a brief description of the job, we can then advise you over the phone or suggest to inspect the job onsite. If necessary, we can also guide you through council regulations if permits are needed.
Some of the most popular requests we receive from customers are complete tree removal, palm pruning and shaping, stump grinding or hedge trimming. Everyone’s needs are different so call us now. We are here to listen to you and will try to give the best advice and solution to your problem.

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Omar Dennaoui is a qualified arborist. He completed his formal training in Certificate III in Arboriculture at Holmesglen Institute (Waverley Campus). He and his team have the relevant tickets and permits to operate tools and machinery that are specifically used in the tree industry.



The combination of formal training and years of actual work experience ensures that we follow correct and safe procedure at every job. For example, we are able to assess if a tree needs to be climbed using ropes or spikes. We take the time to rig the worksite correctly to avoid unecessary damage to property.



Big O’s Tree Services is competitively priced. We like to discuss the job with you, the client, in order to give you the best advice and other solutions that might save you money. We only offer suggestions and solutions that will benefit you, the client.

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