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Tree removal

trees can live for years but there will be occasions when they need to be removed rather than pruned

When a customer contacts us to completely remove a tree, it is usually because the tree has died due to infestation or other reasons caused by nature. Another common reason is the tree may have caused significant damage to property and will soon be a danger to the public. There may be times when the customer wants to renovate or build and some trees are just in the way. Regardless of the reasons, we first check if the tree is considered significant, protected or if it is in a vegetation protection overlay. We can liaise with your local city council to find out the local laws that may apply to your situation then advise if you are allowed to cut a tree down or if you will need a permit to do so.

After we cut down a tree, we usually put it through the chipper so we take everything away. You can also choose to keep the chippings and use it as mulch for your garden. The amount of mulch you get out of one tree is outstanding.
The stump left over is ground down to about 40cm below ground level, ready for you to plant something in it’s place.

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palm pruning & shaping

Regular pruning is key to giving your garden that maintained look

Palms add an exotic touch to our Melbourne landscape but if left to shed its fronds naturally, palms can be unsightly. When we prune palms, we often recommend the extra step of shaping the trunk, something not everyone offers. We like to do this for aesthetics and to prepare it for the next prune 12 months down the track.

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hedging & pruning

one-off or regular pruning, the choice is yours

We offer one-off or regular hedging services depending on your budget and situation.  We welcome inquiries from Body Corporate and Property Managers.
This photo was taken at a jobsite at a block of flats. We had to use a cherry picker as the hedge was over 5 metres tall. The tall hedge served as an excellent screen and noise barrier from the main road just outside. Like every other greenery, hedges will grow and lose it’s shape, hence the need for regular pruning. The number of times you need to prune will depend on many factors, one being the type of hedge that you have.

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stump grinding

Stump grinding only is also a service we offer

If you’re a DIY dad with a chainsaw and successfully tackled the tree yourself, you might find that the stump is a bigger challenge to remove. Or sometime ago you professionally had the tree removed but you opted to leave the stump due to cost. Regardless of the reason, we have the equipment to remove small, large or multiple stumps.

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